Alpha Test Program- Illness app

Thank you for your participation

This Alpha program is intended to test the applications' ability to detect illness before a person is symptomatic. Studies have shown that a person's cognitive motor functions can be impaired up to 48 hours prior to showing symptoms of an illness such as the flu.  This app tests cognitive motor functions and generates an impairment score which will then be used to correlate to additional data provided by filling out a survey.

Step by Step:


Download the app for your device.  The app runs on Android or iOS- cell phone or tablet.


Take the test at least 3 times.  Taking the test to get familiar with it is critical- your scores may be high, or vary widely when you first use it.  


Take the test at the same time under the same conditions. Taking the test at the same time each day- without distractions will provide the best information.


Take your temperature.  Please take your temperature and report on it each time- this information will be used to correlate scores with symptoms if any.


Fill out the survey.  When filling out the survey; please choose any user name you like and use the same name each time. Your information will be anonymous- and we can not tell you what your name is if you forget it.  

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