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Personal Use

  • Are you fit to drive, operate machinery, or make critical decisions?
  • Are you impaired due to illness, chronic medical condition, prescription medicines, or fatigue?
  • Do you treat your chronic pain with medical marijuana and would like to better regulate your dosage?
  • Are you getting ill but have no obvious symptoms?
  • Are you impaired due to injury, like concussion?
  • How well are you recovering from illness or injury?

The DRUID app allows you to assess the level, if any, of your cognitive and motor impairment – as well as your recovery over time from such impairment – due to any cause, including marijuana, alcohol, opioids, other drugs, prescription medicines, fatigue, illness, chronic medical condition, or injury.

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  • FAST

Results in 3 minutes


Tests any cause of impairment


Runs on any Andriod or iOS Mobile Devices


Calibrated to blood alcohol levels


Much lower cost than current tests

Critical Self Knowledge

Drug tests check for drugs.  Alcohol tests check for alcohol. But impairment may have many causes.  Most cannot  be determined with multiple tests. Marijuana, for instance, remains in your system for at least three weeks and for virtually all of that time has no impairing effect.  A test for its presence is not useful.  Impairment due to fatigue, illness, or concussion are not detectable with a drug test.  DRUID tests for impairment, regardless of cause.  It offers, in real time, performance scores relative to the ability to safely operate a vehicle.  It is calibrated against the Standard Field Sobriety Test.  It ensures individual, workplace and public safety.