DRUID App for Researchers- the Gold Standard of Impairment Measurement.

Unlike proxy-based testing devices, the DRUID app assesses actual cognitive motor impairment; reaction time, hand-eye coordination, balance, and the ability to perform divided attention tasks. It is available for all Apple or Android devices. It’s fast, non- invasive and much less expensive than other solutions to measure impairment.


“a novel mobile device application (the DRUID), was the most sensitive measure of impairment when compared to the other cognitive performance tasks administered (i.e., the DSST, DAT, and PASAT) as well as several common field sobriety tests (i.e., the WT, OLS and MRB).”

-Dr. Ryan Vandrey, Johns Hopkins Medical Center

The DRUIDapp is widely used in the scientific community to study impairment.  Here are some of the research studies using the app as the measurement tool.

University of SydneyDr. Danielle McCartneyCBD and Driving Impairment
Yale UniversityDr. Godfrey PearlsonDRUID and driving
Univ of KentuckyDr. Shanna BabalonisAlcohol, opioids and cannabis
Johns Hopkins Medical InstituteDr. Kelly DunnOpioid impairment
Johns Hopkins Medical InstituteDr. Tory Spindle & Dr. Elise WeertsAlcohol and cannabis in combinations
Johns Hopkins Medical InstituteDr. Ryan VandreyDRUID app–demonstration of proof of concept
University of Colorado, School of Public HealthDr. Cinnamon BidwellFrequent cannabis users, high-potency cannabis
Washington State UnivDr. Nick LovrichGreen Labs; Frequent cannabis users study
Brown UnivDr. Jane MetrikAlcohol consumption after cannabis