Michael Milburn


DRUID’s creator & founder, Dr. Michael Milburn, recently sat down with VICELAND‘s WEEDIQUETTE host, Krishna Andavolu, to talk about limits on weed DUIs, how reaction time can affect you behind the wheel, & how DRUID itself can become the necessary tool […]


Marijuana: Myth & Reality

Michael Milburn, founder & creator of D.R.U.I.D., recently attended the Boston University conference on “Marijuana: Myth and Reality,” where he delivered a paper on “Marijuana, Neuroscience and Driving”.  Research shows that marijuana impairs driving; the jury is […]


How do you know which strain of marijuana gets you more stoned?

In the P.D. era (that is, Pre-D.R.U.I.D.), there wasn’t any way to tell, just a subjective experience. Trying to remember and compare how stoned you got from the marijuana you smoked yesterday, and trying to […]