Your privacy is a central concern for us at DRUID  When you sign up for DRUID, you create a USER ID and a PASSWORD (and a “hint”).  In order to maintain your privacy, we do not ask for your email address, so be sure to select an ID and password that you will remember (or write them down), as we have no way of telling you what they are.  If you forget them, you will need to create a new USER ID and PASSWORD, and you will lose access to all the BASELINE information associated with your original USER ID, and you will need to do the BASELINE runs again.

If you submit the results of any of your runs to DRUID (and we would really like it if you do), nothing in the data is ever associated with you personally.  You are completely anonymous.  And none of your data is saved if you do not want it to be.

DRUID stores measures of reaction time, errors in decision making, motor tracking, time estimation and balance, and an algorithm integrates these measures into an overall measure of impairment.  At the end of a run, users are given the option of saving the results of their run to our DRUID database and/or emailing the results to DRUID and/or to themselves, but both of these are optional.

DRUID undergoes continual development and refinement. The more data we accumulate from DRUID users, the more precise our calculations will be.  We never know who you are, just the username that you select.  It helps the entire DRUID community when you send your data, but it is always optional.